About the Books

Volume I

Composed of two parts, Birding and Mysticism features a series of bird narratives that follows the great cycle of the seasons beginning with the first signs of the returning sun, the lengthening day, and the brightening light. With that advent follows the spring migration—centering first on the brown sparrows, blackbirds, orange  robins, and then  the early shining stars of  Nature’s annual miracle drama/mystery play graces us with the temporary arrival and their all-too-brief stay—for Northerners at least—of the Neotropicals. Furthermore, this book discusses the religious, spiritual, and mystical aspect of presence of birds. While this release does not intend to be a study of modern birding’s sub-culture, it emphasizes the author’s belief in synchronicities and meaningful coincidences.

Volume II

Organized in five main parts, and supporting the first volume of this book, Birding and Mysticism: Enlightenment Through Bird Watching Volume #2 expanded many of its well-emphasized themes, ideas, and memes. However, this new volume is predominantly focusing on the many aspects, faces, and forms of mysticism: religious, spiritual, rational, scientific, personal, and practical, which reflects similar ideas and themes contained in volume 1.

Right from the first section of this book, we will be dealing with the emergence and development of the key insights and the many synchronicities, which are very influential to the very core of this volume. The purpose of these insights and synchronicities is to highlight the major sources of the key controlling framework of ideas that are responsible for these two volumes on the religious, spiritual, and mystical implications of birding.

In volume 2 of Birding and Mysticism: Enlightenment Through Bird Watching, we will note of the lengthy passages of reference material and annotations concerning the bird population.